Pallet racks

We provide installation of several types of pallet racks to the customer's requirements:

STANDARD Pallet Rack

The STANDARD pallet rack is still one of the most common types of pallet storage. We install this type of pallet racks up to a height of 30m in various widths.

DEEPSTORE – Drive-in Pallet Rack

We mostly install the drive-in pallet rack for customers storing one type of pallets.

SHUTTLE Pallet Rack

Its installation method is very similar to the drive-in pallet rack, but this is a semi-automated system in which a trolley moves the pallet to the edge of the pallet rack not only saving the operator's time but above all eliminating the risk of damage to the rack system. /The operator does not need to drive into the aisle./

Roller Pallet Tracks

We preferably install this type of pallet racks for customers using the FIFO system (First In First Out). We install it up to a height of 11 m.

MOVO – Mobile Pallet Rack

Our customers increasingly require the installation of the MOVO mobile pallet rack. This type of rack system gained its popularity mainly thanks to the excellent ratio between its load capacity and storage space saving.